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5 key Success Factors of DevOps

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Embrace DevOps to better serve your clients

DevOps is all about

  • Culture – Own the change to drive collaboration and communication
  • Automation – Take manual steps out of your value chain
  • Lean – Use lean principles to enable higher cycle frequency
  • Metrics – Measure everything and use data to refine cycles
  • Sharing – Share experiences, successful or not, to enable other to learn

DevOps myths

  • DevOps is a job title
  • It's "hype", a "buzz" word and a "new trend"
  • It's another technology "flash in the pan"
  • DevOps clashes with existing processes
  • It's only for startups and unicorns
  • It's only a toolset

Make DevOps the new driving force of your team.

How is DevOps different?

DevOps is a whole new way of thinking about cooperation and coordination between people who make the software and people who run it. Areas like automation, monitoring, capacity planning & performance, backup & recovery, security, networking and provisioning can all benefit from using a DevOps model to enhance the nature and quality of interactions between development and operations teams.

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Need help in your DevOps transition?

We’re a dynamic software company that creates custom applications and provides consulting services. In a constantly changing market, only an agile approach can provide truly valuable results.

We constantly want to innovate in our way of helping businesses grow thanks to a flexible and robust IT. That's why we have come to develop an expertise in DevOps.

You are convinced that DevOps is for your organisation? But you wonder how to improve the collaboration within your teams, how to improve your software quality, how to automate your software deployment, how to release as often as your business needs… in other words, how to be more agile?

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